Hunkering Down and Leveling Up: What Can We Do Now?

Ramesh | Updated Apr 02, 2020

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As you know, one of the core themes of Side Hustle Nation is to control what you can control, even when the world seems to be spinning out of it.

I’m still wrapping my head around what the coronavirus outbreak means for all of us. I mean, we’ve never been through a global pandemic before! We’re all learning as we go.

But at this point, it feels weird NOT to address the issue, so here goes.

In this post (and companion podcast episode, if you prefer audio), I’ll attempt to cover:

  • Why I think this is a temporary setback, and how science says we can make that prediction come true
  • How to stay sane while working at home
  • Businesses that are positioned to thrive in this environment and on the other side
  • Some awesome free resources to help if you’re hurting right now

A Temporary Setback

My personal mindset is one of optimism plus preparation.

I don’t see this being the plague that wipes out half the population.

I think this is a temporary setback, and you can kind of already see that in the countries that were hit earlier but got it under control. That’s the optimism part.

The preparation part is in taking stock of the pretty serious damage this is doing and has already done. I think it makes sense to take steps to:

  1. protect yourself and your family
  2. protect, improve, or diversify your income sources

Prevention is the best medicine. That means staying home as much as you can.

This seems like an imposition but according to people much smarter than me, it’s the safest and fastest path to getting back to normal. By limiting person-to-person contact, we all work together to slow the spread so that our medical system doesn’t get overwhelmed. This the #flattenthecurve plan and I haven’t seen a compelling counter-argument to it yet.

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