How to change your Zoom background on desktop and mobile

Ramesh | Updated Apr 03, 2020

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Zoom is one of the most popular pieces of video-conferencing software available, enabling millions of people to work from home whenever they need to. It’s also being used in schools, with virtual classrooms being set up to teach students.

That’s partly due to how easy it is to set up, but there’s one killer feature that every Zoom user should set up to use. It’s called Virtual Background and it can replace your webcam’s background, without needing a green screen setup.

Here’s how to set up Zoom’s virtual background feature

First, you have to make sure your account has it enabled:

  • Sign into the Zoom web portal
  • Click on My Meeting Settings or Meeting Settings depending on if you have an admin or user account
  • Find the Meeting tab, then make sure Virtual Background is turned on
  • Choose from the pre-installed backgrounds, or upload your own.
  • If you have your own green screen, make sure you tick the I have a green screen button

If you’re using the mobile app, you can also change your background but you have to do it once you join a meeting:

  • Join the meeting then tap the More tab
  • Tap on the Virtual Background option
  • Choose one of Zoom’s backgrounds or upload your own photo or GIF

How to smooth your skin using Zoom

There’s one more thing you can do to really make your Zoom meetings look better. You know how your phone’s portrait mode has skin smoothing? Well, so does Zoom.

  • Hit the up arrow next to Start Video
  • Click on Video Settings
  • Find the Touch Up My Appearance checkbox in the My Video section and select it

There you have it, a handful of tips to help spice up your next inevitable Zoom meeting.

Plan on using any of these Zoom features in the future? Any other Zoom tips you’d like to add? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion

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