Free Online Daily Classes for Kids to Help While Schools are Closed

Ramesh | Updated Mar 31, 2020

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Stuck with fun ways for your kids to learn from home? Here are free online classes for kids to keep their education going.

I think pretty much every school in the country has been sharing school work for the kids to complete each day.

At first, we printed everything out, and my daughter worked through them.

But, filling in sheet after sheet is boring, and they are probably not learning anything new. And, that’s not to mention the sheer cost of printer ink and paper!

This means we need to become teacher and be active by moving away from endless form filling. But that also means we need to stop working from home and stop earning.

Free online classes for kids:

So, with thanks to a few celebrities, they are putting on classes every day – for free.

Make sure you have a big bottle of water to keep hydrated!

By the way, don’t think that because this is aimed at kids that adults can’t take part – any age can join in.

If the exercises are a little tough, he has also designed some home workouts for seniors too, which are less strenuous.

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